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Includes: 6 Hand cut cotton iron on fabric appliqués. 

Size of Applique(s) in photo - Top left one is approx. 3" tall.

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*Instructions for use will be added to your order.
Directions:Pre-wash all clothing and fabrics before using.
Preheat dry iron (NO STEAM!) to silk setting.  Place
material (or item to be adhered to) right side up in the
desired position and iron for 4 to 6 seconds.  Ironing time
may be increased for heavier materials or when using several
layers.  For washable projects, edges may be sealed with fabric paint.
Important Tips:
-     If needed prewash items and pre-test
-        Do not overheat!  Overheating may cause insufficient bonding.
-        For best washing results, use a delicate cycle and cool water. Hang to dry or use a cool dryer setting.
-        No Sew. Not recommended for stitching around with a sewing machine as the adhesive can “gum up” the machine.
-        Try to keep the iron in place while ironing. (Don’t slide it across the appliqué.)